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Marketing Strategy


The marketing strategy is the sun in this immense galaxy. Every endeavor revolves around the marketing strategy. Without it, everything else would fizzle out.



How many shooting stars do we miss each night, simply because we weren’t looking in the right direction at the right time? Too many. Your business is a star, no doubt. Peppershock makes sure you shine the brightest and are seen by all.

Video Production


Effective, tailor-made video production delivered by the team responsible for watching the Star Wars films.

Graphic Design


There may not be much gravity in space, but our design work is sure to turn heads and pull people in, tractor beam style.

Online Reputation Management


Looking to make an asteroid-sized impact in your industry? Our writing team is locked-n-loaded, ready to release a meteor with your prospect’s on it.



“Houston, we don’t have a problem. The mission was a complete success.”

-You, after working with Peppershock to launch your business and take it out of this world.

The Peppershock Mantra


Utilize and continuously learn the best technologies available to us for the most efficient delivery practical for all our clientele.


Bridge the gap between businesses and their audience through high quality, timely, and friendly service, cutting edge expertise, and lasting professional relationships.


Committed to being an integral part of our local community through sharing, volunteering, and participating in its growth and development while maintaining the highest level of integrity and honor in all we do.

Our Work



Motion Graphics for Magic Valley Mall


Southern Utah University Video Campaign


D.L. Evans—Bank on your future.


Givent, Executive Network




Venture Capital


Nampa School District

Magic Valley Mall




Eyecare Associates of Nampa


World of Nutrition, Est. 1977

Buy Idaho TV PSA

Buy Idaho TV PSA

Peppershock essentially functions as our outsourced marketing department. They handle our ever-changing needs–from content creation to video production, and web development to graphic design–with grace and fluidity. Working with them is seamless and simple–and a whole lot of fun!

Nichole MacDowell, Communications & PR Director, Price AssociatesClient since 2004

"Wonderful! Thanks so much! By the way, this logo truly represents our program, I love it!"

- Diane Garmire, Future Design Academy

"We partnered with Peppershock to create a Welcome to CenturyLink Video. I was leading the project from the CenturyLink side and had no previous experience with this type of project. The entire Peppershock team was wonderful to work with from start to finish. Everyone was very patient, professional, creative and down right fun! I highly recommend partnering with the Peppershock team if you want an amazing final product.”

- Sheri Davis, CenturyLink

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Peppershock! At the beginning of 2017, we decided to find a digital marketing agency that could operate as a natural extension of the LeanLaw marketing team. That is exactly what Peppershock has been able to do. They have helped us with our content marketing efforts, graphic design, and A/B testing. It's had a tremendous impact on LeanLaw's ability to connect with our customer base and grow our business. I highly recommend them!

Derrick Hicks, LeanLaw

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