Rebranding Alsip Funeral Chapel

It was a pleasure working with the kind folks at Alsip Funeral Chapel on this rebranding project. We are excited to have played a roll in the rebirth of this trusted brand.


We approached this project using our tried and true Peppershock process. First, we worked with the client to learn about their history, the story of the brand and discover where they want to go. We then proceeded by brainstorming and putting ideas down on paper creating many sketches. See sketches below. After some internal refinement we narrowed down the selection to three logos for the client to choose from. Then we made small changes to the selected logo and out-put the brand standards packet and began producing the business cards and the rest of the branding package.


Logo Rational

The goals while updating the brand were to make it more relevant in today’s market while keeping a subtle connection to Alsip’s trusted history that made them who they are today. The logo has a light yet supportive feeling featuring a simple stylized tree. Trees not only are commonly recognized symbols for family and growth but also a reference to the giant sycamore and ivy growth surrounding much of the chapel. The leaves in the tree are not physically connected, though they appear to have come together as one unit to form the tree with one of the leaves serving as the dot on the “i”. The colors used in the logo subtly reference the old familiar Alsip green while bringing new life into the logo with a more contemporary and sophisticated palate.