Richard's_Logo_BoiseRichard and Melinda came to us while in the process of relocating their small but popular local restaurant to a lavish new hotel in downtown Boise. They already had an established customer base, exceptional food, service and hospitality, but they needed a more polished identity to match the downtown space they would soon occupy. Our challenge, then, was to create a sophisticated mark that was still welcoming. The final logo was constructed in such a way that the distinguishing element, a curving line connecting the crossbars of the “H” and “A” can be used as a decorative element throughout the restaurant and other visual materials, both two- and three-dimensional. See below for the collateral we have created thus far.

Brand Development Story

Richard’s creates ingredient-driven, world class food. It isn’t over-thought, just executed to perfection. The logo for Richard’s is much the same. It is comprised of simple solid letter forms, with a twist. The curved shapes in the typeface offer rhythm and movement, happiness, pleasure, and generosity, all characteristics of the experience one has when dining at Richard’s.

Another important aspect of the Richard’s brand is its connectivity to Boise and the environment around it. Richard’s will be located in a hotel where travelers will be experiencing and seeking out all things uniquely Boise, with Boise flavor. The curvilinear shape that connects the A and the H represents two distinct local landmarks, the Boise Foothills which are visible from the restaurant, and the Boise River.