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A Report from Media Audit, “The Hyper-Active Consumer: Recently-Moved are Most Active Consumers”

By August 24, 2007October 5th, 2012blog, Peppermaster

Boise is one of the Top Markets for Newcommers!

A new study conducted by The Media Audit shows that adults who are new to a metro area and adults who recently moved to a house within the past twelve months exhibit significantly higher buying intentions that transcend beyond the home remodeling and furniture categories and include planned purchases for automobiles, electronics, and college level courses to name a few. According to the 88-market study, more than 12.4 million adults moved to a home in the past twelve months, while 9.6 million moved to an apartment. Additionally, the study identified more than 5.4 million adults who are “newcomers”, or adults who have lived in a metro area less than a year. The studies were conducted between January 2006 and April 2007.
The significance of these findings may help advertisers target these “hyper-active consumers” when and where they are most receptive to advertising and may help media that target homeowners such as daily newspapers and magazines expand their advertising base to non-traditional categories and generate more revenue.

For example, adults who moved to a house within the past year are 22% more likely to be “affluent full nesters”, or households with children living at home and have a household income greater than $75,000. Among these adults, 55.6% are considered “financial optimists”, and feel that they will be better off financially six months from now. As a result, these adults are more confident in making large ticket purchases such as automobiles or financing a college degree. According to the analysis, adults who recently moved to a house are 24% more likely to purchase a car, van, truck or SUV in the next twelve months, while more than one in five plans to take a college level course. Furthermore, adults who recently moved to a house are 21% more likely to purchase a new computer, 22% more likely to buy a new TV set, and 19% more likely to purchase a video camera, VCR, or DVD player.

By utilizing local market data from The Media Audit, an advertiser could identify which zip codes within a metro area contain the highest concentration of new home owners or newcomers and develop a targeted media campaign. Or, a daily newspaper might expand its Home Section to include different types of advertisers such as local colleges or electronics retailers. Media that have the ability to target geographically can also utilize The Media Audit Zip Code Reports to identify the best “zones” for reaching newcomers.

Top Markets for Newcommers:

Market % of Market Index
1. Ocala, FL 16.5% 438*
2. Colorado Springs, CO 10.6% 281
3. Daytona Beach, FL 9.3% 246
4. Raleigh-Durham, NC 9.1% 240
5. Fort Myers-Naples, FL 8.5% 225
6. Wilmington, NC 8.3% 221
7. Las Vegas, NV 7.9% 209
8. Boise, ID 7.6% 202
9. Jacksonville, FL 7.4% 197
10. Orlando, FL 7.3% 194
*Adults in this market are 338% more likely than the average adult
to be a newcomer. Newcomers are adults who have lived
in a metro area less than 12 months.


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