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Adobe Media Player Comparable to iTunes

By July 22, 2008January 17th, 2020blog

Tagline from Adobe Media Player site, “Watch what you want, when you want.

The Adobe Media Player acts similarly to iTunes whereas viewers are able to subscribe to and automatically download content to their library. Whether the content is a TV episode produced by a large network, a video podcast or personal videos, viewers can manage as well as publish their own content.
Participating networks include, CBS, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV and more.

The most interesting aspect to this player in my opinion is the ability to play .flv videos.
.flv stands for Flash Video. It’s a high quality, small file size video format that is being widely adopted as the standard for web video. Many HD web videos are delivered in this format. As video producers, we’re excited about this player because it allows us to deliver our High Def video to businesses and consumers alike without losing much quality and without the file being incredibly huge.

Hooray for Adobe Media Player! <--Link to download Adobe Media Player

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