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WeBlogIdaho’s Featured Business Premiere! – The Brass Razoo

By August 5, 2008November 9th, 2017news

Have you ever walked down the street wearing a brand new shirt and someone else walks buy wearing the exact same thing? WeBlogIdaho’s first featured business, The Brass Razoo, is a lovely shop filled with one-of-a-kind clothing, accessory and jewelry items that you can be sure no one else will have.

Elise Vaughn, owner of The Brass Razoo, opened the store in downtown Nampa over one year ago after moving to Boise from Australia.

She originally went to school to be a marriage and family counselor, but the creative draw of opening a boutique was just too much. Now she is a clothing counselor, helping her customers embrace their own personal style. Her inspiration behind opening the store was to provide quality, affordable products from a range of different designers and distributors that would encompass many different styles and encourage people to embrace their own personal style.

The Brass Razoo carries redesigned vintage apparel and accessories, as well as brand new items. The jewelry at The Brass Razoo features Vaughn’s own personal touch. Vaughn receives vintage jewelry then takes it all apart and redesigns the pieces to create something completely unique. Her goal is to capture the beauty of the past while at the same time encompassing the modern woman. The pieces cover a variety of different styles and tastes with everything from delicate to bold pieces. According to Vaughn, “I want the people wearing the pieces to be reminded that just as the pieces are one of a kind and irreplaceable, so are they.”

What sets The Brass Razoo apart from other boutiques? The one of a kind jewelry as well as the wide range of brands and designers means that there is usually only one of every item in the store. The Brass Razoo has a comfortable atmosphere where customers can receive personal advice on what works for them and receive some direction in their purchases.
Vaughn believes “Every outfit sends a message about yourself,” and tries to help customers take risks and push the envelope in order to enhance the message they are trying to send.

Google Map to The Brass Razoo

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