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News from December 2008

By December 1, 2008December 22nd, 2017archive

:: Serving up high quality digital spice ::

holiday greetings from Peppershock

We would also like to take a moment to thank you for being a part of Peppershock.  Our success is 100% dependent on our clients. We’ve designed a special Holiday “Thank You” card that we hope you will enjoy.

:: Marketing Gem of the Month ::



This month’s marketing gem takes us back several decades to a time of economic hardship- The Great Depression.

Most companies made serious cutbacks in production and advertising in attempt to survive.  By 1932, stock prices were about 20% of what they had been before the crash.  Many firms failed.  Some, however, saw a shining opportunity in an otherwise dark period.  Many companies that are going strong today made great strides during the Great Depression. In a time when most firms were cutting back their marketing efforts, these opportunistic firms took advantage of their economic situation and advertised more. Their hope was to take market share from the companies that were cutting back on so-called non-essential expenses.

Proctor and Gamble is an example of a firm that acted in contrast to most other firms at that tpgime.  P & G increased its advertising. They took a chance and invested in a risky new advertising medium- radio.  During the Depression, P & G had been doubling its radio advertisingpg-logo budget every two years.  P & G made strong gains during this period.  To date, the company has a policy of avoiding cutbacks during all major recessions. In general, studies show that companies that maintain their advertising during difficult economic times tend to earn higher profits both during the downturns and afterwards.

A parallel can be drawn with today’s economic times and “risky” advertising medium. Internet advertising, although new, has proven to be one of the most cost-effective marketing mediums available.  According to eMarketer, a market-research firm, online advertising is projected to grow by 8.9% in 2009.  The Economist estimates that about half, or $10 billion, of internet advertising is from text-based ads that appear with a relevant web search.  Text-based advertising has proven very lucrative because it limits firms’ advertising expenses to those potential buyers who have expressed interest in a specific product.

Peppershock not only arranges text-based ads, but also develops websites, online newsletters, web banners, as well as flash programming.  You are welcome to call to learn more.

Internship Opportunity

interns wanted In January, we anticipate finding new students who wish to understand and contribute to the workings of our creative services firm. Students will be an integral part in learning and working with all that makes up Peppershock. Interning is an invaluable opportunity that goes far beyond the classroom. If you or someone you know is interested in learning by doing, please contact Shane at (208) 461-5070 or

Thank you!

Rhea and Drew would like to thank all of our 2008 Interns for all the hard work they put in this year! Allison, John, Hailey, and Nate have been willing to help anyone anytime they can in the office and we sincerely appreciate their efforts! You have helped all us of be a success!

Canyon County Annual Report


Peppershock designed the Canyon County Annual Report for Coldwell Banker Commercial GUNSTREAM & Associates. The report takes an in-depth look at the commercial real estate market in Canyon County.


“We Blog Idaho” is an extension of Peppershock Media Productions. It is a culmination of businesses we help promote, the organizations and events we’re involved in as well as fun info about new and traditional media, technology, advertising, etc. We feature a different business every month with an article, interview clips, images and podcast audio available for download. Be sure to check the events calendar; we’ll be posting a variety of newsworthy, business-related, and charitable events. Our goal is to create a community of readers and connect people together.
Opportunities are available for both content production and advertising. Introductory rates are available! Contact us to find out more!


Festival of Trees

festival of tree's

The annual Festival of Trees was held during the last week of November. This Years festival marked the 25th anniversary of the event.  Since its inception, this wonderful occasion has raised over $5 million to improve the healthcare of the people in our community.  Peppershock is proud to be a supporter of the annual occurrence.


Click here to view the Integrity in Tough Times seminar
This event will broadcast on a local news station. For more information or to sponsor the airing of the event, please click here to download the sponsorship form.


Reel Women of the West

When:Tuesday, January 6th
Time: 6:30 pm
Where: The Flicks, 646 Fulton Street, Boise, Idaho


What: BYP Luncheon
When: January 7, 2009
Where: Boise Chamber Offices, 250 S. 5th St. Boise, 83702, Lower Level Conference Room
Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Topic: Lobbying and the Legislative Agenda
Speaker: Julie Pipal, Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP)

Click here to register

and Props:

Peppershock Presenting to Boise Chamber

Peppershock has been selected by the Boise Chamber of Commerce to present “Cost effective online Marketing” next year, date and time to be determined. Peppershock will share our expert advise on how to get the most out of your marketing dollars.


Peppershock would like to formally send its best wishes to you over this Holiday Season. This time of year is often associated with being overwhelmed, adjusting to change and the hustle and bustle of winding down the year’s plans and events. As these proceedings come to a close, we can optimistically look forward to a fresh New Year quickly approaching. Of course, with every New Year comes the annual resolutions.  What will your goals be for the next 365 days?  It certainly poses a lot to think about. Peppershock can help in one department – marketing your business.

Peppershock remains devoted to helping you achieve your firm’s objectives for 2009. Whether it’s more business development, customer awareness, or a vast array of other strategies, Peppershock can provide the tools to make this goal a reality.  We’d love to talk to you about making this next year the best it can be!  (208) 461-5070

Drew Allen

As co-owner and Chief Operations Officer, Drew has many duties. Drew shoots, edits and makes magic with motion graphics while creating campaign deliverables using his master-class working knowledge of software, equipment, social media and service-oriented personality. As COO, he orchestrates our team and assures our high quality standards. Read more about Drew.