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January 2009


Like a Blueprint

Custom home building is no different than building a custom marketing message. You wouldn't go directly to a builder and say" me a house. I think I want this, this and that. Here's a check...have at it." You've got to…
January 20, 2009
Drew's Nuggets

A Quick Note on Social Networking

The essence of this blog is fun new gadgets, technology and "nuggets of wholesome goodness" that I run across. Facebook isn't necessarily new...but it definitely qualifies under the "nugget of wholesome goodness" category (or the "addictive social media" category). If…
Drew Allen
January 15, 2009

News from January 2009

Happy New Year to you and yours from the Peppershock Crew! It’s a great time to let us assist you in making 2009 the best year yet! Fresh New Year means fresh new look for your business! Here are some…
Drew Allen
January 1, 2009