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Allison the Assistant’s Last Day at Sundance

By January 26, 2009April 13th, 2015news

Day Five – Last Day

Today is my last day at Sundance and I only had one show to go to – The Animation Spotlight – a collection of animated shorts. The highlight was seeing “This Way Up,” an incredibly funny short that was just nominated for an Academy Award. A few of the shorts were incredibly dark and disturbing and I must admit I fell asleep during one particularly long and grim one. By this time I felt all movied out. A couple of girls in my group went to “500 Days of Summer” and were surprised to find that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the only cast and crew member who stuck around to do the Q&A. He was incredibly funny and even took out a pocket video camera and started filming the audience! The Awards Party was located at the “Racquet Club” which was only about a block away from our condo. We walked down to the bus stop to catch a ride downtown just as the party was wrapping up and got on a special Awards Party bus. We were surprised to find ourselves sharing a bus with Fisher Stevens (“Hackers,” “Short Circuit,” “Early Edition”), who I had also seen the night before at “Moon.” We also met a young director, Max Winston, who’s short “I Live in the Woods” appeared at the festival this year. He was nice enough to give us buttons that depicted the characters in his short.  After that, we found a bar on Main Street that sells beer in fishbowl-sized goblets and celebrated our last night in Park City *cry*.
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