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In With The Good At Starbucks

By January 12, 2010blog, Peppermaster
I'm always curious to see how others make their enews, since we create so many for our clients,  just thought I'd share Starbucks' eNews, very clean & simple. What I really like though is the verbiage they use to get you to click to learn more or to read more… not just the usual "click here" to read more idea but the inset arrow with the hyperlink with words like "explore our foods" or learn more about these beverages" or "Get the goods on these new teas"   I really like that approach instead of the typical overused and non-enticing or non-inviting "click here to learn more" approach. It's like a mini headline leading you into a whole world of discovery, a call to action but not so blatant and usual.
I also like the easy links to the various social media sites, a very common thing to do that is becoming expected now.

BTY Starbucks is not my favorite coffee b/c it tastes burnt to me, but I like this eNews they sent me! (:


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Start the New Year Off Right
Come in and try one of our great tasting, handcrafted beverages — all under 100 calories.* Choose between our Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, Skinny Vanilla Latte and Tazo® Vanilla Rooibos Full Leaf Tea.

Learn More about these Beverages

*based on a 12 fl. oz. Tall serving size.

All Day Goodness
Before you can seize the day, you have to fuel it! Our Perfect Oatmeal is a great way to begin your morning, and it starts at under 140 calories. And our new Hot Panini Sandwiches, which are all under 400 calories, make a delicious lunch.
Explore Our Foods
Guatemala Casi Cielo®
"Casi Cielo" means almost heaven — and for good reason. This incredibly rich coffee was originally developed for a world-class restaurant, and it goes perfectly with gourmet entrees and desserts. A must for all you coffee connoisseurs.
Meet Guatemala Casi Cielo
Great Tasting Snacks
Snacks should actually taste good, right? We think so! We've added some new yummy treats to give you more scrumptious snacking selections. All our options, including chips, cookies, crackers and fruit snacks, feature high-quality ingredients and are 220 calories or less (per serving.)
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Try the New Tazo® Full Leaf Teas
This winter we're launching 10 new Full Leaf Teas, and each one of them is so tasty, we think you'll rate them up there with our incredible coffees. Two of our favorites are Tazo® Vanilla Rooibos, the same naturally caffeine free tea we use in the Vanilla Rooibos latte, and Tazo® Orange Blossom, which builds upon a fragrant jasmine green tea base with soothing herbs, orange peel and goji berries.
Get the Goods on the New Teas
Give Starbucks for Valentine's Day.
This Valentine's Day, give your special friend a gift that can be enjoyed all year long — a Starbucks Card. Check out our collection of designs, there is sure to be one perfect for your Valentine.
Buy a Starbucks Card

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Rhea Allen
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