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The Chronicles of Wunch; Continued

By January 14, 2010January 20th, 2020Drew's Nuggets

Alas, we abandoned our illustrious Wunch Weader today.
She did not, however, wain from her calling.  Below, Angie recalls her account of Wunching alone.
As you know it was raining today when I wunched alone. The highlights: A soggy sock in the rain gutter floating, the waterfall at the civic center that I didn’t know existed, and some really huge trees. I made it to 11th again, the return trip was made on the opposite side of the street. All in all not too shabby. Oh, yes and I took many fantastic photos but only remembered to save the first one. Doh. 
(Revised 1.27.09 – Found additional photos.  That’s what Wunch is all about.)

-Angie Scobby, January 13, 2009

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