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Awaken Your Marketing!

By March 9, 2010blog

As spring approaches, mittens and cozy Christmas songs, once cheery now seem irrelevant and leery. The time’s arrived to clean the house, book the parks, and plant the beds. So, dust off your cobwebbed attire and see Peppershock for new ad trends!

Seasonal marketing is mainly about patterns and where you are as a business. No matter what your business, there are two main objectives to consider:

1) Your consumer, and
2) Your consumer’s trends

The critical purpose is to understand your consumer and depending on where you are as a business depends on what you know about your consumer and their patterns. For example, a new business may not have enough information built up to know the trends of their customers whereas a more seasoned business has the information but doesn’t know how to apply it to their marketing. Peppershock appeals to both.

If you’re a new business, starting can be a scary process. We can help you learn about your consumer and exercise possible future trends. With an established business, we help apply prior knowledge to future goals and projects.

As consumers change, marketing conditions evolve. Don’t be afraid to pluck, pull, or prune your old advertisement. We can’t all be like Cadbury selling a thirty year old chocolate caramel egg with a thirty year old bunny commercial. Most of us don’t have the stability of a 10 year reputation, let alone a 90 year old one. Instead, we must meet the demands of the ever-changing consumer and evolve with the times while staying true to the original focus. Peppershock can help you create a long-lasting product while maintaining its consistency, such as a brand.

Remember: Spring is around the corner which means Earth Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and many others aren’t far off. How seasonal is your business?

Come into Peppershock for our free one-hour consultation and replant old ideas into new strategies!

Drew Allen

As co-owner and Chief Operations Officer, Drew has many duties. Drew shoots, edits and makes magic with motion graphics while creating campaign deliverables using his master-class working knowledge of software, equipment, social media and service-oriented personality. As COO, he orchestrates our team and assures our high quality standards. Read more about Drew.