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Plan Now for a Beefy 4th Quarter

By July 13, 2010archive, blog, news

beefy pepper

The end of each year brings a multitude of business opportunities for a broad spectrum of organizations. The bottom line is this; the majority of consumers are spending more money on holidays and events AND other businesses are ramping up their operations to take advantage of the increased spending. What does this mean for you? Whether your business is serving and selling to consumers OR serving and selling to other businesses… the opportunities are coming. Be ready to catch and make the most of them.

So what strategy do you take  to advance in the 2010 fourth quarter? Here are some excellent ideas and things to consider for increasing your profit.

  1. Strategize: Prepare for the fourth quarter by laying out some goals and assessing the work that you already have booked for that time period. Consider effective methods to increase your network and awareness about your business.
  2. Advertise: If retail is your business, the fourth quarter is a huge opportunity for you. If you don’t already have steady successful advertising results, start testing the market now for messaging that works. Consider newsletter publications or direct mail as great potential venues for testing your prospects and increasing awareness. Evaluate your website from a user perspective for ease of use, informational impact and ability to enable sales. Your website should quickly educate your prospects about what your business is offering and how it benefits them and also, provide a place to leave their contact information.
  3. Community Interaction: The fourth quarter brings opportunities to get involved with your community through holiday events, fundraisers and charities. Seek out organizations and events that put you in front of your target audience.

Driven by her dedication for outstanding creative development, idea generation and implementation, Angie empowers our clients and her staff with her amazing aptitude for strategic thinking and graphic design. Having worked as an art director on major campaigns for the health care industry, high-tech clientele, and non-profit awareness campaigns, there is very little that Angie is not capable of handling within her domain of creative design. Angie possesses an eagle eye for detail and is remarkably well organized.