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Peppershock Has a New Client: Blue Cross of Idaho

By June 23, 2011blog, news


Peppershock is proud to announce a recently awarded contract with Blue Cross of Idaho to provide social media strategy, implementation and training services. Be sure to find Blue Cross of Idaho on Facebook and follow @BlueCrossIdaho on Twitter. We will be collaborating and posting new content soon!

College students keep an eye out for some exciting information on health insurance!

If you are in need of marketing, social media strategy, implementation and/or training services, give Peppershock a shout. As early social media adopters, we’re well versed and can benefit your organization greatly! 208-461-5070.


Driven by her dedication for outstanding creative development, idea generation and implementation, Angie empowers our clients and her staff with her amazing aptitude for strategic thinking and graphic design. Having worked as an art director on major campaigns for the health care industry, high-tech clientele, and non-profit awareness campaigns, there is very little that Angie is not capable of handling within her domain of creative design. Angie possesses an eagle eye for detail and is remarkably well organized.