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June 2013


Welcome Home, Emmy

Peppershock is honored to announce the arrival of our newest addition, Emmy. She's a bright, lustrous figure. Commercial - Single Spot Shoot for the Moon • Peppershock Media • Drew Allen, Principal/Creative Director • Rhea Allen, Producer • Michael D.…
Drew Allen
June 20, 2013

Make Marketing Not War

In today’s marketing world, organizations often ask us whether they should choose to use traditional media and advertising or choose social media. While there are some situations where sticking with one medium might be necessary, we usually recommend our clients…
Drew Allen
June 6, 2013

Boise Hawks Family Movie Night

Peppershock is proud to sponsor Boise Hawks Family Movie Night. This event is to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of The Sandlot. Scott Evans, the inspiration for Scotty Smalls (and many of the other characters in the movie) will be…
Drew Allen
June 6, 2013