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President’s Letter October 2016

By October 18, 2016December 13th, 2016news


B.C Forbes said, “It’s only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in Autumn.”

This is true for most things in life. If you sit by doing nothing, you will likely go hungry, or worse, die. In terms of running a business, things may not be that extreme, but if you consider your business to be a living, breathing entity, you begin to put two and two together. One component of business that continually should be nurtured is your marketing efforts. After all, these are the things that spread awareness about what you do, and ultimately produce the harvest that you live on throughout the winter (figuratively speaking). So what have you been doing to nurture your company’s marketing success? Has it worked?

If you need help with marketing ROI (Return on Investment), or want to see an overall increase on return, then I encourage you to join us for our annual Business Success Workshop and Shocktoberfest on Oct 27th. You can grab more details and register to attend this FREE event by clicking here. After the workshop at 4pm, there will be a huge bash, ribbon cutting with Mayor Henry, ghoulish eats, adult beverages and a costume contest! Everyone who attends gets a chance to stand in front of the green screen, and get a Halloween group photo of their own!


A few ways to measure your marketing efforts:

Setting Goals
Ok back to business! Let’s analyze your marketing efforts. First, you need to examine what you’re currently doing. Have you set any marketing goals? How detailed are they? Do they follow the S.M.A.R.T acronym? This a crucial first step in planning your marketing efforts!

Measuring Success
Let’s assume you’ve set some concrete marketing goals. In this case, my next question would be whether you’ve been measuring them? There are several ways you can measure your goals, depending on the marketing effort you choose to deploy. For instance, let’s say you’re creating social media posts for your company. You spend several hours each month researching the content, a few more uploading them and several more monitoring the traffic. With all the work that goes in this task, you’d be wise to thoroughly review your monthly social media analytics, right? Analytics help with a few things, including shaping future social media content. Most miss this crucial step, either because they’re aren’t sure what to look for, don’t know how to pull the reports, or just don’t have the time! Social Media Manager, Melissa Callahan, will be exploring this area, as well as four others at our Business Success Workshop. I will also be speaking to other areas of marketing analysis as well.

Are You Ready?
So are you in? Will you be joining us for our Business Success Workshop and our annual Shocktoberfest bash? If you’re ready to improve your marketing ROI then register for this FREE event now! Other speakers include Certified Public Accountant, Jennifer Schmerer from Nicholas Accounting. She will be teaching us how to understand the financial causes and effects within a business in her “Numbers Tell a Story” session. Sales Effectiveness Expert, Nick Anderson, from The Crispian Advantage will be instructing us on how to “Capitalize on Marketing with your Salespeople,” or in other words, how you can begin to see a return on investment with your marketing personnel. All good stuff right? Grab your FREE tickets now!

See you there!

Rhea Allen


Driven by her dedication for outstanding creative development, idea generation and implementation, Angie empowers our clients and her staff with her amazing aptitude for strategic thinking and graphic design. Having worked as an art director on major campaigns for the health care industry, high-tech clientele, and non-profit awareness campaigns, there is very little that Angie is not capable of handling within her domain of creative design. Angie possesses an eagle eye for detail and is remarkably well organized.

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