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Marketing Expedition Podcast | Episode 7: “Yes, And…” – Featuring Megan Bryant

By March 28, 2018 March 20th, 2019 blog, Marketing Expedition Podcast
Listen as Rhea Allen is joined by Megan Bryant, humor enthusiast and Co-Owner of Zip Zap Zop. Megan is a comedian, improv instructor and award winning author of her autobiography, “Not My Plan.” In this Podcast, you will learn how having fun with your team creates a unique culture that everyone will love! 


Podcast notes:

  • What is Zip Zap Zop? – 1:00
  • Improv in the corporate world – 2:08
  • Team building through improv – 3:27
  • Before Zip Zap Zop – 4:36
  • How improv impacts company culture – 7:45
  • The premise of “Yes, And…” – 8:22
  • Megan’s autobiography – 11:23
  • Working with non-profit organizations – 13:03
  • Reuniting with her birth daughter – 13:35
  • Being a mom of 4 – 15:08
  • What’s keeping her busy – 16:12
  • Megan’s workshops – 17:14
  • How improv helps corporate settings – 19:47
  • Simultaneous conversation – 21:47
  • Meet Megan Bryant (Events) – 25:18
  • Culture and Brand Camp – 26:50

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