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Marketing Expedition Podcast | Episode 9: What is Healthy Conflict Anyway? – Featuring Chris Taylor

By April 24, 2018March 22nd, 2020Marketing Expedition Podcast

Listen as Rhea Allen is joined by Chris Taylor, CEO of Fisher’s Technology. In this podcast, you will learn how he helped Fisher’s Technology quadruple in size and gain many awards including “Idaho’s Best Places to Work.” Find out who Chris Taylor is and how he helped lead Fisher’s to success. How do happy employees create happy customers? Take a listen! 

Podcast notes:

    • Who is Chris Taylor? – 1:02
    • How Chris turned Fisher’s around – 3:14
    • Things that have contributed to the growth and success of Fisher’s – 5:11
    • The expansion of Fisher’s – 6:25
    • How Fisher’s hires the right people to fit their company culture – 7:40
    • How to tell when it’s not a good fit! – 9:42
    • What are someday goals? – 11:08
    • How Fisher’s creates fun in the workplace – 11:45
    • Business after hours – 13:25
    • Idaho’s Best Places to Work – 14:08
    • What to expect when you become a client of Fisher’s – 15:40
    • Problems are opportunities to make it right – 17:40
    • Chris Taylor’s favorite moments at Fisher’s – 18:25
    • Culture & Brand Camp – 20:45

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