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Marketing Audits And You – Rhea and Drew Allen | Marketing Expedition Podcast – Episode 10

By September 7, 2018March 20th, 2019Marketing Expedition Podcast

Marketing Audits_Rhea Allen_Drew Allen

Listen as Rhea Allen is joined by Drew Allen, Principal | Creative Director of Peppershock Media. In this podcast, you will learn how Rhea and Drew use Marketing Audits to create winning strategies for their clients. Find out how Peppershock Media uses an arsenal of tools to help clients discover what’s working and what’s not in their current marketing strategy. Client, Bill Klevenberg, CEO of Mobility Helpdesk speaks to the value he received from his Marketing Audit. Take a listen!

Podcast notes:

• What we cover in a Marketing Audit – 1:51
• Looking at your Marketing Strategy – 2:14
• Why looking at your audience is important – 2:52
• Empathy maps, putting thought into your target audience – 3:59
• Are you speaking to your target audience? – 4:54
• Why we do the Stop, Start, Keep exercise – 5:26
• Determine your goals- why are you doing what you are doing? – 5:53
• Looking at the Lifetime Value and Customer Acquisitions cost – 7:18
• Tools that gauge Lifetime Value and Customer Acquisitions costs – 8:39
• Measure what you treasure – 10:50
• What’s working well – 12:13
• Working together as a team – 14:00
• Client Bill Klevenberg, CEO from Mobility Helpdesk speaks to the value he
   received from his Marketing Audit – 15:14
• The importance of a Marketing Audit or Needs Assessment when
  collaborating with your business – 17:39
• Marketing is like building a house, you need a plan – 21:36
• If you want more information about our Marketing Audits – 23:31
• Other resources –23:58

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