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Top 20 Tips For Virtual Meetings From Home

By April 15, 2020August 13th, 2020Marketing, Marketing Expedition Podcast

With so many of us working from home, we’ve decided to put together a list of tips and tricks to make your next virtual meeting your best one yet!

Podcast notes:

  • 01:40 Aim high!
  • 02:20 Children are to be seen…(or not?)
  • 02:57 Is this thing on?
  • 03:08 Luke, I am NOT your father…
  • 03:33 You’ve got to have more power!
  • 04:00 Feeling a little wired?
  • 04:20 Hot topic: hot-spot!
  • 05:07 Upstream and downstream.
  • 05:35 Who let the dogs out?
  • 06:36 Stay LIT, like literally.
  • 07:04 Staying put, while staying home.
  • 07:41 “You’re bleeding me dry!”
  • 08:27 To stream, or not to stream…
  • 09:15 Give your laptop what it wants.
  • 09:42 It’s okay to wine.
  • 10:41 2P or not 2P.
  • 11:14 Did everyone hear me say that?
  • 12:22 Day jammies, night jammies.
  • 13:22 Proper linkage.
  • 14:08 You can’t get pulled over in your living room.
  • 14:48 Bonus tip!



Bonus tip!

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