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Focusing on The Focus Project with Erik Qualman | Marketing Expedition Podcast – Episode 44

By September 18, 2020October 27th, 2020Marketing, Marketing Expedition Podcast


#1 Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker Erik Qualman has performed in over 55 countries and reached 35 million people. He was voted the 2nd Most Likeable Author in the World behind Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling. He is the host of the popular Super U Podcast and his work has been used by the National Guard to NBCUniversal to NASA.

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Podcast notes:

  • 00:00 – 01:51 Introduction
  • 01:51 – 05:12 Green Glasses
  • 05:12 – 06:51 Struggle with New Media
  • 06:51 – 09:30 Social Media Revolution
  • 09:30 – 12:28 The Focus Project and Coronavirus
  • 12:28 – 14:28 How the Workforce has Changed due to Coronavirus
  • 14:28 – 16:12 Virtual Advantages vs. Disadvantages
  • 16:12 – 17:24 Life Changes because of Coronavirus
  • 17:24 – 21:02 Background History
  • 21:02 – 25:04 The Four Spirit Animals of Focus
  • 25:04 – 28:10 Power Hour
  • 28:10 – 31:32 How to Market
  • 31:32 – 35:38 Success Stories
  • 35:34 – 37:11 Business in the Future
  • 37:11 – 38:34 Proudest Accomplishments
  • 38:48 – 40:11 Closing Statements
  • 40:11 – 41:36 Don’t forget to check out


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