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The World of Food, Beverage, and Wellness Brands with Diana Fryc | Marketing Expedition Podcast – Episode 53


Diana Fryc is a marketing industry executive with 20 years advising brands from Fortune 500 to start-ups on how to address their toughest growth challenges. As a partner and CMO of a creative branding firm, Retail Voodoo, Diana uses her expertise in brand development, innovation, consumer markets, marketing, and packaging systems to help clients generate meaningful and sustainable growth. Tireless and determined, Diana is obsessed with the world of food, beverage, and wellness brands and has been building long-standing client relationships because people trust her to put the right combination of people and business assets together to move mountains. She founded and hosts The Gooder Podcast where she interviews the powerhouse women leading on every level in food, beverage, and wellness. Diana lives and works in Seattle, and in her spare time enjoys running, reading, cooking, and spending time with her family.

Podcast notes:

  • 00:00 – 00:20 Welcome to The Marketing Expedition Podcast
  • 00:20 – 01:55 Introducing Diana Fryc
  • 01:55 – 03:55 History of Retail Voodoo
  • 03:55 – 06:12 Retail Voodoo Areas of Expertise – Foundation Brand Building
  • 06:12 – 08:24 Clients They Attract- Risk Takers
  • 08:24 – 11:02 Branding from the Inside Out: REI Example
  • 11:02 – 16:44 How did Diana get where she is now
  • 16:44 – 21:48 Helping consumer packaged goods through COVID-19
  • 21:48 – 23:39 Marketing strategies for Retail Voodoo
  • 23:39 – 25:45 Natural Products Expo Event and Outdoor Retailer Show
  • 25:45 – 32:11 Favorite foods and companies they have worked with
  • 32:11 – 35:22 Overview of certified B-Corp
  • 35:22 – 38:52 Diana’s mentors
  • 38:52 – 42:33 Recommended books and podcasts
  • 42:33 – 44:15 Diana’s social contacts: LinkedIn, and Email
  • 44:15 – 45:48 Where she sees herself in 5 years
  • 45:48 – 47:21 Last Words: Find a goal and be Patient
  • 47:21 – 47:54 Closing and find more at
  • 47:54 – 48:23 Visit to find more


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