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Strengthening Your Emotional Intelligence with Brian Fretwell | Marketing Expedition Podcast – Episode 66


Brian Fretwell is the founder of Finding the FIRES, the world’s first Emotional Intelligence “Gym”, where people come together to practice their people skills with members from around the world. Brian has spent the last twenty years teaching, coaching, and speaking on Leadership, Culture Change, and Personal Development. He’s run Emotional Intelligence workshops in mining camps in the Outback of Australia and the Arctic Circle in Northern Canada, he’s taught leadership on Oil Drilling Pads and the Gettysburg Battlefield, and he’s delivered keynotes from Istanbul, Turkey to inside his home office, exactly 35 steps from the kitchen. He is the author of the book “Experts of Our Potential” a book focused on changing how we view our own value. His Tedx Talk “What a Fifteen Year Old Meth Addict Taught Me About Leadership” has been seen by over 2.3 million people around the world. He lives in Boise with his wife Jamie, who just happens to be a Transpersonal Counselor. They spend their time taking walks and doing behavioral experiments on their dog Hank.


Podcast notes:

  • 00:00 – 02:08 Overview of Brian Fretwell, the First Emotional Intelligence Gym and Today’s Podcast Topic
  • 02:08 – 03:48 for $10 off your first order of a Misfit Market Box
  • 03:48 – 04:05 Welcome to the Marketing Expedition Podcast
  • 04:05 – 04:28 Welcome Brian Fretwell
  • 04:28 – 09:56 Pandemic Project Explained – a 10 Month Experiment
  • 09:56 – 12:27 The Importance of Questions in the Business World
  • 12:27 – 13:32 About Brian’s Emotional Intelligence Program: Finding the FIRES
  • 13:32 – 18:13 Reasoning Behind the Name: Finding the FIRES
  • 18:13 – 23:17 Brian’s Life Path and Background
  • 23:17 – 29:19 Brian walks Rhea through a Mini Workout
  • 29:19 – 32:49 How Acknowledging Success can Benefit a Company
  • 32:49 – 36:13 Finding the FIRES Marketing Plan
  • 36:13 – 39:37 Fitness for Emotional Intelligence Explained
  • 39:37 – 43:28 Changing How we Think about Emotional Intelligence
  • 42:28 – 46:50 What a Finding the FIRES Membership Includes and How to Get Started
  • 46:50 – 48:47 The Impact of Authentic Connection
  • 48:47 – 49:30 Huge Thanks to Brian Fretwell and for Sharing his Emotional Intelligence Wisdom
  • 49:30 – 51:33 For More Info, go to and get your First Month FREE
  • 51:33 – 51:47 Interested in More? Check out Brian’s Book: Experts of Our Potential
  • 51:47 – 52:33 Thanks for Listening, Find more Podcasts Online
  • 52:33 – 53:03 Check out to Build Relationships with Others and Find the Latest Marketing Trends


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