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President’s Letter April 2021

By March 30, 2021April 16th, 2021blog

Are you Prepared for things to be Awesome?

A message from Rhea Allen

It’s that time of year again, the time of year when Facebook reminds us how we were feeling, coping, and (what we were drinking) last year at this time. While some of our quips and comments might have aged well (who’s glad to note that toilet paper seems to be in plentiful supply) our anxiety and malaise haven’t. 

What do I mean? I mean that it’s going to be an awesome year, so don’t be caught in your pandemic jammies and messy hair when life calls on you to be spectacular. April is smack dab between the mud months and summer wonder. It’s time to clean your closets, clean your attitude, and put your hands up (or arms if you are getting the vaccine!) if you are ready to have this be the best year ever.

Will it be like summer 2019? Nope, probably not. There will be some social distancing and facial covering going on for a while to come I am sure. But people are ready to go, do, see, spend, and grow again, and if you are a business owner, you need to be ready for all the awesome things that are about to happen to you. 

The Allen family is ready.

We headed to Arizona for some much-needed vacay over spring break because just like my iPhone, we don’t work as well when we aren’t fully charged. This is the calm before the storm of busyness and productivity that is ahead, and we know that Peppershock is ready too! 

But it’s not enough to feel ready, you have to be ready, and tell everybody that you are ready too.

So how are you going to tell the world that you are washed up, cleaned up, and ready for the most awesome year ever?

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The Marketing Expedition Virtual Meetup

April 16th, 2021 10:00 AM

Join us at 10 am every 3rd Friday for the Marketing Expedition Virtual meet-up! The Marketing Expedition Virtual Meet-up is a place to meet, network, share, and experience more meaningful business relationships, virtually!

Attend for FREE and all are invited, register now and get your dose of happiness, inspiration, and joy here.

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2nd Thursday Webinar

April 8th, 2021 12:00 PM

Creating free valuable content enables people to know, like, and trust you; it’s a surefire way to better understand your target audience and grow your followers. Facebook Groups are a great way to distribute free content while building your community. Join Peppershock Media CEO, Rhea Allen as she leads you through how to build, grow and begin monetizing your Facebook group!

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Monthly Featured Client:

High Tide

This month’s featured client is our amazing friends over at From High Tide. From High Tide is built on passion, experience, wisdom, and the desire to give you the tools and inspiration you need to push past fears, think creatively, shift your mindset for good, and create an inspired and fulfilling life you love. They are all about helping you to reach the high tide of your life, career, or both. Peppershock is thrilled to help From High Tide produce their very own podcast that is coming soon to a podcast platform near you. So stay tuned! 

Marketing Expedition Podcast

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Stephanie Worrell is the co-owner of From High Tide; a multi-channel consultancy firm dedicated to helping 1M women start their own businesses. An accomplished entrepreneur, business coach, and marketing professional, Stephanie is passionate about sharing her knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs. She has personally guided and actively coached 200+ individuals through the journey of starting a new business, from overcoming fears to creating a business plan. Over the past decade, Stephanie has started and owned four companies and sold two. She is also a popular teacher at Boston University’s College of Communications, where she is committed to inspiring young people to follow their professional and personal dreams.

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For 20 years award-winning chiropractor Dr. Kelly Henry helped his patients live healthier lives. With the foundation of providing exceptional customer service, Dr. Henry grew his clinics into one of the top producing chiropractic offices in the nation with multiple locations and doctors. Since 2018 Dr. Henry has used his system to coach business leaders on improving customer service to create incredible growth and profits.

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Holly Rose Holland has fifteen years of experience as a spouse, twenty-four years as a parent, and eleven years as a survivor, supporting others who are experiencing grief. In moving through the grief process, she noticed many people were stuck around death, relationships, employment, and often changes in themselves. Holly has always wanted to write a book and enjoys sharing what she has learned about creating a life after loss.

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If you’re asking those questions, it’s probably time for a Marketing Audit from Peppershock.  We’ll work with you and your team to review current marketing efforts, what’s been working, what hasn’t and how we recommend you move forward to better reach your goals. 

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Our Marketing Audit customers love learning how they can shift efforts to increase ROI.  They love finding new ways to reach their customers in meaningful ways.  Most importantly, by having a fresh set of eyes review their marketing efforts, our audit customers gain a new perspective on their business and are able to improve efficiencies.

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Since Peppershock’s inception, in 2003, Rhea Allen has managed and expanded Peppershock and has gained local notoriety in her persistent passion for causes. She is involved with the communities of Idaho and surrounding areas and has a vast working knowledge of how to generate awareness for a number of brands and causes. She is extremely diligent in obtaining effective media campaign results by planning and crafting relevant and compelling messaging for the target audience. Rhea oversees the development of all Peppershock projects, from project conception through distribution and follow-up. Read more about Rhea Allen.

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