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Pivoting Your Business in a Pandemic with Gequinn Mattox | Marketing Expedition Podcast – Episode 74

Since 1986, Gequinn Mattox has worked for the University of Colorado and as a Program Coordinator on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO in the Center for American Indian & Native American Health. Since 2003, Gequinn has been an event planner & coordinator for a variety of events. She may be late to launch a business in the event planning industry, but Gequinn is not new to the industry and has been tagged to be the favored up-and-coming event planner of Colorado. Gequinn is a true “Event Slayer” in her own right.


Podcast notes:

  • 00:00 – 00:24 Overview of Gequinn Mattox, her pandemic pivot story, and today’s podcast topic
  • 00:24 – 07:35 Rhea’s Marketing Essentials: Choosing the right agency for your business
  • 07:35 – 08:43 for $20 of a stock offer from the Stash App
  • 08:43 – 08:59 Welcome to the Marketing Expedition Podcast
  • 08:59 – 11:28 Welcome Gequinn Mattox
  • 11:28 – 13:11 Gequinn talks about being a Pandemic Compliance Advisor and what that looks like
  • 13:11 – 15:01 Hear Gequinn discusses what lead her to create her own business
  • 15:01 – 18:33 Events Gequinn did pre-COVID
  • 18:33 – 26:22 Ways Gequinn got through the pandemic and kept her event planning business alive and what the future looks like
  • 26:11 – 32:14 Marketing and networking tips from Gequinn
  • 32:14 – 35:56 Advice from Gequinn to someone wanting to pursue a career in event planning
  • 35:56 – 41:20 How Gequinn stays on top of the latest trends
  • 41:20 – 42:31 Huge thanks to Gequinn for sharing her knowledge and journey
  • 42:31 – 42:47 Thanks for listening, find more podcasts online at
  • 42:47 – 43:19 Check out to build relationships with others and find the latest marketing trends


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