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How to Run Your Agency on Auto-Pilot with Marko Filipovic | Marketing Expedition Podcast – Episode 78

Marko Filipovic is a young entrepreneur and the CEO of GoldenGateGrowth. He started his first agency in June of 2020 and has since scaled it to 7 figures. Marko specializes in helping people build automated systems so that they can run their agency on autopilot while bringing in infinite leads and having that 4 hour work week everyone dreams about. He also helps people use social media as a business platform using his unique strategies that have brought him the income he enjoys today!


Podcast notes:


  • 00:00 – 01:09 Introducing Marko Filipovic
  • 01:09 – 02:32 $20 of free stock from the Stash App
  • 02:32 – 06:48 Marketing Essentials Moment
  • 06:48 – 07:05 Welcome to the Marketing Expedition Podcast
  • 07:05 – 13:43 Marko shares his story
  • 13:43 – 15:44 What Marko wishes he would’ve known
  • 15:44 – 19:12 Marko’s successes
  • 19:12 – 20:53 Marko shares a promise he made to his grandma
  • 20:53 – 31:51 Marko and Rhea Discuss Marko’s marketing journey and tactics that do and don’t work
  • 31:51 – 37:36 Marko’s mentors and resources
  • 37:36 – 41:56 Ways Marko works with others and how to reach him
  • 41:56 – 43:58 Marko shares investment tips
  • 43:58 – 45:40 Huge thanks to Marko for sharing his marketing wisdom
  • 45:40 – 46:15 Thanks for listening, find more podcasts online
  • 46:15 – 46:48 Check out to build relationships with others and find the latest marketing trends


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