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Getting Your Message Out to the World by Podcasting with Adam Adams | Marketing Expedition Podcast – Episode 83

Adam Adams is the founder of GrowYourShow where they help you get your message out to the world. Their clients are getting ranked in the top 1% on Apple Podcast and other top charts which means one thing: His clients have more influence than 99% of the podcasts out there. Adam says the reason most podcasters fail is a lack of marketing. Which is why his niche is to manage that critical piece so you can have more listeners, more downloads, more ratings, and more reviews. Adam has a loyal following in the real estate industry as well as the podcasting industry. After selling his real estate podcast, he launched Podcast on Podcasting, which is ranked as the top podcast to help podcasters.


Podcast notes:


  • 0:00 – 0:18 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition podcast
  • 0:18 – 0:37 Welcome Adam
  • 0:37 – 4:04 Background of Adam’s journey
  • 4:04 – 9:06 Adam’s best learning lessons
  • 9:06 – 15:45 Success stories
  • 15:45 – 19:44 Upcoming trends
  • 19:44 – 24:36 Adam’s tactics for growth
  • 24:36 – 27:02 Gaining a sense of normalcy
  • 27:02 – 29:40 Conferences for the podcast community
  • 29:40 – 41:17 Resources and tools
  • 41:17 – 47:37 Effective ways of monetization
  • 47:37 – 48:24 How to connect with Adam
  • 48:24 – 49:10 Thank you, Adam
  • 49:10 – 49:46 Thanks for listening
  • 49:46 – 50:17 Join today!



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