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Rebranding Your Company and Building Community with Jenn Graham | Marketing Expedition Podcast – Episode 90

Jenn Graham is on a mission to design a more inclusive world. An activist, designer, and civic tech entrepreneur, Jenn Graham is the Founder and CEO of Inclusivv, bringing diverse voices together for conversations that matter Since starting Inclusivv as a social experiment in Atlanta, Jenn has built a global team and a digital platform that has already enabled thousands of conversations around the world—both in-person and virtual. Her clients range from Facebook to Coca-Cola, including beloved organizations such as The King Center, Sierra Club, and The Aspen Institute. Featured as a “2020 World-Changing Woman in Conscious Business” by Conscious Media Company, and recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as “Small Business Person of the Year – Rising Star” in 2019. Jenn’s work has also been recognized by President Obama and has received numerous awards for social impact and creative community engagement.


Podcast notes:


    • 00:00 – 01:00 About Jenn Graham
    • 01:00 – 02:00 This week’s sponsor Misfit Markets!
    • 02:00 – 04:43 Rhea’s Marketing Tips
    • 04:43 – 04:54 Welcome to the Marketing Expedition Podcast
    • 04:54 – 06:57 Welcome Jenn
    • 06:57 – 10:11 How a bike accident inspired Jenn
    • 10:11 – 14:56 Rebranding your business
    • 14:56 – 17:32 What it’s like to work with Jenn
    • 17:32 – 19:02 Working with TEDx Atlanta
    • 19:02 – 24:14 How to get someone to hire your small business
    • 24:14 – 27:18 Jenn’s goals
    • 27:18 – 30:54 Being a woman entrepreneur
    • 30:54 – 34:05 Helpful marketing tips
    • 34:05 – 38:23 Devouring books
    • 38:23 – 39:49 How to get ahold of Jenn –
    • 39:49 – 40:50 Thank you, Jenn
    • 40:59 – 41:49 Be sure to join the



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