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President’s Letter January 2022

By January 7, 2022blog, Monthly Newsletter

Bold Moves or Big Plans? Your January 2022 Plans can be both!

A message from Rhea Allen

While for many the new year comes as a great relief, and for some it might feel bittersweet, the old is out and the new is here, whether we are all ready for it or not.

 As I write this, I am looking forward to the day where I no longer need to even mention COVID, but at the moment it’s still changing our plans and making us scratch our heads. As a matter of fact, our company Christmas party was another casualty of 2021 (out of an abundance of caution). This disappointed us all, but we’ve gotten really, really good at rescheduling and adapting to the ever-changing climate. 

But despite the adaptations and pivoting and canceling and rescheduling, I was still extraordinarily blessed this Holiday season! Besides all the precious time I got to spend with my boys, Drew, and our family and friends, we got invited to the famous Idaho Potato Bowl at BSU, and finished out another amazing semester with my marketing students, got to attend some amazing holiday parties, fundraisers, events, and bazaars, plus a dozen other things I could mention. As a COMMUNITY, we are resilient, resourceful, and generous, and boy did it show off this year! 

Professionally, we were also able to finish 2021 strong, and that’s why I want to chat a little bit about what the new year is all about; bold moves and big plans! 

Maybe your new year’s resolution is to stay the course. Maybe your big plans for this year are more personal than professional, or vice versa! One thing is for sure, with so much is still touch and go depending on what we need to do to keep ourselves and our community safe, staying the course COULD be the bold move, and the big change you’re making! 

I’m excited about several things that are happening for me both personally and professionally this year and in the next few months, so won’t you join me in staying the course, and making those bold changes (no matter how big or small they may be)?

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Client of the Month

Central District Health

We are proud to work in partnership with Central District Health on the My Path to Quit campaign. The campaign is designed to help people on their path to quitting tobacco. Peppershock has created billboards, postcards, a website, and more for this campaign. To learn more about Tobacco Cessation, visit the link below.
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Since Peppershock’s inception, in 2003, Rhea Allen has managed and expanded Peppershock and has gained local notoriety in her persistent passion for causes. She is involved with the communities of Idaho and surrounding areas and has a vast working knowledge of how to generate awareness for a number of brands and causes. She is extremely diligent in obtaining effective media campaign results by planning and crafting relevant and compelling messaging for the target audience. Rhea oversees the development of all Peppershock projects, from project conception through distribution and follow-up. Read more about Rhea Allen.

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