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Adapting Your Market Strategy and ‘Getting to Aha!’ with Darshan Mehta | Episode 124

Darshan Mehta is the Founder of – an insights platform to quickly and affordably extract insights from consumers worldwide, and – an app for instant connections and engaging interactions. In 2021, he plans to launch Big Mango Startup Hub in collaboration with King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition to his roles at iResearch and ConnectQik, Mr. Mehta has taught at The George Washington University in Washington D.C., at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, at Thammasat University in Thailand, at Sciences Po in France, and the Franklin University in Switzerland. Darshan’s book, Getting to Aha! – Why Today’s Insights are Tomorrow’s Facts is set to be released on November 2nd!

Podcast notes:

      • 00:00 – 00:57 Darshan’s Bio
      • 00:58 – 01:54 EyeBuyDirect Offer
      • 01:55 – 06:10 Marketing Essentials Moment: What is your GTM (Go To Market Strategy)?
      • 06:11 – 06: 28 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
      • 06:29 – 08:17 Welcome to the show Darshan!
      • 08:18 – 10:18 How incubator programs help entrepreneurs, where to fit their products/services
      • 10:19 – 12:41 Talking about Cloud kitchens as an example of an Incubator program
      • 12:42 – 15:53 “People are looking towards experiences to distinguish the products/service.”
      • 15:54 – 17:04 Having insights as tomorrow’s facts
      • 17:05 – 18:03 Learning and growing through challenges
      • 18:04 – 20:09 Acquiring new ideas and perspectives from younger minds
      • 20:10 – 21:25 Darshan share some tips and motivations
      • 21:26 – 23:01 Key to being successful over the long run
      • 23:02 – 25:57 About Darshan’s book ‘Getting to Aha!’
      • 25:58 – 26:27 How to reach Darshan
      • 26:28 – 26:46 Thank you so much for joining us! Enjoy the journey!
      • 26:47 – 27:33 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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