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Grow Your Influence and Make More Money in Podcasting with Kay Suthar | Episode 127

Kay Suthar is the CEO and Founder of Make Your Mark Podcast Agency and the Host of Uncensored Society Podcast. Their focus is on coaches, consultants, authors, thought leaders, business owners who want to build authority, make an impact on the world, and want to increase their sales. Kay is passionate about helping people go from invisible to visible by getting booked on podcasts and taking away the headache of producing their very own podcast.

Podcast notes:

      • 00:00 – 01:28 Kay’s Bio
      • 01:29 – 05:11 Marketing Essentials Moment: Rhea’s 5 R’s , Organic, Cost-Effective Growth for Your Brand or Business
      • 05:12 – 05:43 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
      • 05:44 – 08:34 Welcome to the show Kay! Take it away!
      • 08:35 – 17:43 Kay’s journey from being in Day-to-day jobs to Organizing Events to Sales Marketing
      • 17:44 – 22:50 How Marketing and Sales help Kay to survive in a foreign country
      • 22:51 – 28:45 Valuable Tips and tricks in Organizing Events
      • 28:46 – 29:50 Kay, shifting to podcast due to worldwide pandemic
      • 29:51 – 32:05 Tactics on how to get booked on a podcast
      • 32:06 – 32:36 BenchmarkOne – Email Marketing Automation Tool
      • 32:37 – 36:00 Creating a 6-week program to help people get booked on a podcast
      • 36:01 – 37:29 Uncensored Society Podcast 
      • 37:30 – 43:36 Kay and Rhea sharing Tips on podcasting
      • 43:37 – 46:04 “Never Judge a Book by its Cover” by Kay Suthar
      • 46:05 – 47:10 “It’s all about the listeners, and not yourself.” -Kay Suthar
      • 47:11 – 49:04 “What’s the question that I should have asked you?”
      • 49:05 – 50:54 3 Steps to Getting Booked on Podcasts
      • 50:55 – 51:16 Thank you so much, Kay! Share this out in the world!
      • 51:17 – 52:03 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today

Email marketing automation isn’t a new concept, but if you haven’t found one that works for you yet, give BenchmarkONE a try. 

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