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Rethink Your Marketing and Transform Your Brand with Orsolya Herbein | Episode 140

Orsolya (short Orsi, but pronounced Orshie) didn’t wait long before revealing her passion for art and creativity: At the tender age of three, she won an International Drawing Competition in Eastern Europe. Once the time came for Orsolya to pick a career path, graphic design seemed a natural fit. Orsolya has a B.A. in Graphic Design from the New England School of Art and Design in Boston. After graduating, Orsolya began her professional design career while continuing to serve various clients as a freelance designer. In 2016, Orsolya partnered with Matt Christ to run and grow a virtual branding and marketing agency called Brand3, Inc. Together they have mobilized effective brands for a diverse range of privately held businesses and organizations. Because of ineffective marketing, many businesses will never reach their full market potential. Matt and Orsolya believe that there is actually a right way to market. Their true passion is to transform brands and provide their clients with a tailored, strategic plan to help engage and retain the right customers.

Podcast notes:

      • 00:00 – 00:51 Orsolya’s Bio
      • 00:52 – 11:53 Marketing Essentials Moment: Value of using Coupons
      • 11:54 – 12:23 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
      • 12:24 – 15:03 Welcome to the show, Orsolya (Orshie)!
      • 15:04 – 23:03 How Orsolya helps businesses rethink marketing by building their foundation (Branding)
      • 23:04 – 25:40 How brand builds trust
      • 25:41 – 29:21 Building a brand that speaks to what the customer values
      • 29:22 – 33:05 Understanding your Target Audience
      • 33:06 – 33:45  Here’s a $25 credit to try Stitch Fix! Use our link to get your credit! 
      • 33:46 – 39:07 Word of the Day: Functional Beauty
      • 39:08 – 43:17 Transforming business brands from noise to clarity
      • 43:18 – 43:27 “Speak value, stop talking about yourself and start talking about how you solved a problem to your customer.” -Orsolya Herbein
      • 43:28 – 48:23 Resources and mentors that inspire Orsolya
      • 48:24 – 51:46 Sharing marketing tactics and words of wisdom
      • 51:47 – 52:43 Fun, fame, or fortune?
      • 52:44 – 53:27 Reach out to Orsolya at and
      • 53:28 – 53:44 Thank you so much, Orsolya! Enjoy your marketing journey!
      • 53:45 – 54:30 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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