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Creating an Engaging Email Experience with Erica Salm Rench | Episode 154

After working in enrollment management where she focused on strategic recruitment and marketing, Erica Salm Rench managed a team of online marketers at the largest digital marketing company in the Gulf South. There, she supported the web development, SEO, online advertising, and content marketing teams in executing strategies that elevated organizations to stand out and be seen amongst the chaos of the online marketplace. Now, as the COO of, she gets to blend her love of digital marketing technology, partnership development, and customer support in order to support the incredible community of clients.

Podcast notes:

      • 00:00 – 00:14 “If you look at how you spend your time over the course of a week, there are probably hours and hours of time spent where you could either automate away or use a smart AI technology…”
      • 00:15 – 00:33 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
      • 00:34 – 01:26 Erica’s Bio
      • 01:27 – 06:24 Marketing Essentials Moment: Accelerating W-O-M Advertising
      • 06:25 – 09:23 Welcome to the show, Erica!
      • 09:24 – 12:26 A tool to create an engaging email experience
      • 12:27 – 14:42 How marketing tools started
      • 14:43 – 17:18 AI technologies in our everyday living
      • 17:19 – 20:41 Work-Life integration
      • 20:42 – 21:26 Onboard more social media clients and charge a higher retainer with a Cloud Campaign
      • 21:27 – 26:48 Keeping the company culture alive
      • 26:49 – 28:23 Resources on staying on top of the latest marketing and technology trends
      • 28:24 – 33:08 AI Marketing Tools forecast
      • 33:09 – 34:33 Erica drops some words of advice
      • 34:34 – 37:32 Visit
      • 37:33 – 38:12 Thank you so much, Erica! Enjoy your Marketing journey!
      • 38:13 – 38:59 Join The Marketing Expedition Community today!

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