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Using AI to Engage Your Customers and Streamline Your Marketing with Chelsey Roney | Episode 169

Chelsey Roney brings her business-building and strategy experience to Proxi, where she serves as COO and leads a team of 5, growing the business through sales and marketing. After graduating from Texas A&M, Chelsey joined Boeing where she worked in financial planning and analysis and Microsoft where she worked in a demand center that focused on B2B omnichannel marketing. She grew and sold two businesses: a SaaS business in the University space, and a local services business. Chelsey is also an active member of her community, a dedicated parent, and a passionate supporter of women and business.

Podcast notes:

      • 00:00 – 00:13 “It’s going to be very pervasive really quickly, but the faster you can get in front of it, the better it’s going to turn out for you and your business.”
      • 00:14 – 00:38 Welcome to Peppershock Media’s Marketing Expedition Podcast
      • 00:39 – 01:29 Chelsey’s Bio
      • 01:30 – 08:10 Marketing Essentials Moment: New Trends in Marketing Space
      • 08:11 – 08:57 Welcome back to the show, Chelsey!
      • 08:58 – 10:35 Brief overview of Proxi
      • 10:36 – 14:06 What is Maps GPT?
      • 14:07 – 22:00 Promoting their AI technologies across several platforms
      • 22:01 – 24:21 Curating and branding your own map for your audience
      • 24:22 – 25:12 Awesome, affordable outfits delivered to your doorstep each month. Get $10 credit and free shipping on your first order. Visit: 
      • 25:13 – 27:54 Helping map creators understand their marketing funnel 
      • 27:55 – 29:29 Creating smart recommendations using AI for consumers 
      • 29:30 – 34:13 AI takeover in the future 
      • 34:14 – 40:12 Advantage of using AI in marketing 
      • 40:13 – 41:08 Check out 
      • 41:09 – 42:00 Share this podcast with others! Enjoy your Marketing journey! 
      • 42:01 – 42:47 Join The Marketing Expedition today!

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