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Carson Williams | Marketing Intern

Carson Williams, Marketing Intern, Spring 2019

Who is your biggest inspiration:
Michael Jordan, no one has or ever will work harder to be the best.

Where is your favorite place to visit:
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

What would be your superpower:

Most delightful word you can think of:
Payday, everyone likes to hear that!

Favorite movie quote:
“I am Mclovin!”

About Carson

Carson displays his resilient work ethic mixed with his passion for marketing as he pursues two degrees (Marketing and General Business) at Boise State University with a plan to graduate in three and a half years. With one year to go Carson is excited to dive into the marketing field and see where this adventure takes him as he seeks to realize his passion in such an exciting and creative field.

Upon meeting Carson you will see his people friendly, detail-oriented mindset and will find that his youthful, eager take on business makes him a viable asset with a unique perspective on the world of marketing.