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The Idaho Fraud Awareness Coalition is a two year old organization dedicated to raising awareness surrounding fraud, the multiple costs generated by it, and it’s prevalence in society. When previous events didn’t reach the desired success rate, they asked Peppershock Media to help with their awareness campaign for the coming year. Peppershock’s objective was to create a product to raise attendance for their future events in Idaho and increase sponsorship.

A challenge Peppershock faced in the initial plan was the limited amount of funds and crafting a solution to achieve the Idaho Fraud Awareness Coalition’s goals: raising funds to raise fraud awareness. After sudden sponsorship from interested agencies, Peppershock crafted an educational overview in the form of a video focused around fraud and its impact on general insurance services, such as health care and identity theft.

With the video, Peppershock discovered that the best way to attract attention from the general public and potential sponsors was to shape and craft a narrative dialog using interviews from speakers in the Idaho Fraud Awareness Coalition and actual victims of fraud and identity theft. The video was shot and edited in-house by Peppershock production team members Mark Spear and Drew Allen using subtle lighting and narrative rhythm creating smooth transitions and consistency.

The final product was an educational overview used to increase credibility for the Idaho Fraud Awareness Coalition, and as a lead for presenters in future events. The video was accompanied by print materials for the presenters to use as key aspects of the video during Q/A sessions.

Earlier viewings of the finished product attracted sponsors interested in donating funds to support the fraud awareness message who eventually joined the growing list of sponsors. The event increased in sponsorship funding by 60% and in attendance by 200%.

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