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Powered by Community is a collaborative campaign between Intermountain Community Bank, Panhandle State Bank, and Magic Valley Bank. It is a program used to promote funding for community service projects, such as housing projects, non-profit seminars, children’s reading programs, etc. They contacted Peppershock Media to create an outreach package identifying the advantages of “Powered by Community” as well as those receiving the benefits: the local banking customer and community projects/events.

Peppershock’s challenges were to figure out how to effectively describe the definition and the message behind Powered by Community as well as use the bank’s three brands and frame a consistent message.

Initially, the objective was to inform the community about the campaign and initiate community oriented programs. Peppershock discovered unifying three different brands was a difficult task but beneficial to the project allowing a unified symbol to stand out from the three banks. In the process, they found simplifying the principle behind Powered by Community provided a useful description. With their discoveries, Peppershock was able to craft a video production, radio productions, web banner ads and a Facebook fan page. As Powered by Community evolved, the campaign became an ongoing project for Peppershock Media. Currently, they focus on the specifics using examples of Powered by Community’s progress to promote the message.

The Peppershock staff continues to maintain Powered by Community’s Facebook and radio productions as well as the planning and placement of media buys.

Within three weeks of its creation, the Facebook page received over 180 fans.

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