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Content Writing

What is content writing, and why do you need it? 

Whereas copywriting is the art of telling your customer or clients why they want/need your product or service, content writing is more about informing, entertaining, and then allowing them to decide that coming to you the next time they make a purchase is a good idea!

So if that’s the case, why do we need both? Because in short, Google (and other search engines) need something to read, so that when your potential customers are looking for information, they know how to find you!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic, constantly evolving algorithm that is designed to help people online to find what they are looking for, fast. And in general, the more relevant, searchable content you are able to make available for search engines to read, the better your odds are of being found, engaged with, and purchased from! 

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How do you create content that is relevant, contains essential keywords, is searchable, and leads your potential customers back to you? 

If you have an excellent writer on staff who understands SEO, knows your brand, your products and services AND knows who your target audience is, that’s fantastic! You are ahead of most, and likely seeing the benefits already. 

However, if you understand the value of creating high-quality content and making it available to your audience, we can help you with that!

Content writing services we offer:

  • Collaborate and research topics specifically for your industry and target audience
  • Write content that contains essential keywords, in a search-engine-friendly style 
  • Create blogs/articles tailored to the meet the most appropriate length for your audience and Search Engine Optimization  
  • Post and format content on your website and optimize it for SEO 
  • Create/source images with appropriate alt and meta-tagging

Questions about the type of content you need for your website?

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What is copywriting?

Good copywriting is like good art; you know it when you see it. And you certainly know it when you don’t! 

But what is good copywriting?

Humans have a pretty short attention span these days, so if you can’t tell them who you are, what you do, and how you’re doing it FAST, you’re going to lose them! Good copywriting takes your idea, your passion, your offer or product and gets your target audience to stop, notice, consider, and take action (buy). 

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What’s the difference between content writing and copywriting?

Who needs words anymore? 

In a world gone digital, it may seem that the written word is losing more and more ground (or bandwidth), each and every day as imagery, graphics and video continue to gain prominence. Social media, TV, YouTube, websites, blogs, podcasts, pop-up ads, video games, and more are all replete with images, graphics, animation, motion, and video. This might make it feel like the fine art of nestling letters together to make words is going the way of the fax machine.

But did you know that the fax machine is alive and well?

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