How to Implement Your Marketing Strategy & Track The Results 


July 12, 2018          12PM MDT


How do you know that your marketing strategy and efforts are paying off? In this webinar, you will learn what works and what doesn’t through the process of testing. Most importantly, learn how to sail your way through the sea of marketing.

Build your brand and your bottom line! Join Rhea Allen and industry experts to gain invaluable marketing inspiration for your organization.

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The Second Thursday Marketing Expedition Webinars are designed to help you generate a stellar marketing program within your organization. Peppershock Media will help you gain the knowledge, strategies, insights, and tactics that will strengthen your brand and increase your bottom line. Peppershock Media is an integrative marketing agency with a creative production shop established in 2003.

Who Should Attend: Marketing Managers/Directors, Marketing Coordinators, CEOs, Business Owners

Salt Lake City, UT

In these workshops, you will learn how to grow your business and get tips on leading your team through growth. You will walk away with the tips and tricks to building your brand and bottom line. Stay tuned for more information, you won’t want to miss it!

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