Culture + Brand Camp 2019

May 14, 2019          8:30AM MST


Silverstone Amenity Center
3405 E. Overland Rd.
Meridian, Idaho

There’s no doubt that you want your organization to be distinctive, compelling and exceptional. Don’t we all? The truth is you can’t be if you don’t have the right tools to create this type of culture! It’s your job to take advantage of every superpower each team member brings to the table. By having a happy, healthy culture, you can create a positive brand experience for your customers or patrons that will make them come back for more!

Join us for the 2nd Annual Culture and Brand Camp on May 14th. Peppershock Media has selected and partnered with an awesome group of leaders to inspire you and your team, enhance your culture, and give you the tools to navigate your way into building an exceptional brand and bottom line.

Who Should Attend: Marketing Managers/Directors, Marketing Coordinators, CEOs, Business Owners… Humans that lead a team!

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Marketing Guru - Rhea Allen

Rhea Allen
President/CEO — Peppershock Media

Session Title:  Happy Employees + Happy Customers = Better Brand
Want to increase engagement and your earnings? Start by creating a meaningful company culture. You will learn how keeping your employees engaged, excited, and happy will help you outperform the competition, produce a better brand, and increase your bottom line.

Brief Bio: Since 2003, Rhea Allen has managed Peppershock Media and gained notoriety in her persistent passion for numerous brands and causes. With her leadership, Peppershock Media was named the “2017 Small Business of the Year” by the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce. You will walk away with the knowledge to build your brand through your culture…because your culture IS your brand.

Shelli G - Women Ignite

Sheli G
CEO — Women Ignite International

Session Title: Unlock Your Superpowers
Sheli will discuss how to discover your team’s strengths and superpowers and how to utilize the best in everyone.  In her presentation, she will show you why culture and team building can lead to a successful brand.

Brief Bio: Women Ignite is a movement Sheli and her team have created, complete with an annual conference, networking events and more. Sheli has been inspiring and educating businesses, teams and individuals for the past 20 years. ​Sheli is an international speaker, dynamic business consultant, and personal development facilitator. From large to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits, Sheli engages and challenges her audiences with the tools and methods to activate their highest strengths for lasting results. It’s not enough to say she is passionate about this work: it’s not work, it’s her passion.

Ron Price - Price Associates

Ron Price
Founder  Price Associates

Session Title: Leader as Chief Culture Officer
Ron will be discussing the Leader as Chief Culture Officer. What role do leaders play in creating culture? What constitutes the ideal culture in your organization? How can you grow your skills as the Chief Culture Officer?

Brief Bio: Ron Price is an internationally recognized business advisor, executive coach, speaker, and author. Known for his systematic thinking, versatility, and practical optimism, Ron has worked in 15 countries and served in almost every level of executive management over the past 40 years. As the former CEO of a multi-million dollar international company, Ron understands the challenges and risks of running a business and building a dynamic team. Ron is the CEO of Price Associates, a global business consulting firm, and the author of six books, most recently Growing Influence (an Amazon best seller) and The Innovator’s Advantage.

Melissa DeLuca - DeLuca and Willow

Melissa DeLuca
Founder and CEO  DeLuca & Willow

Session Title: Top 10 Things I Learned from Google Culture
Were you ever curious about Google’s culture?  Did you ever wonder what Googlyness is and how the culture is a strategic advantage?  You will learn from a former HR Executive about the benefits and barriers to Google culture.  You will be able to leverage these key learnings into building a better culture and brand for your organization!

Brief Bio: Melissa DeLuca is the founder and CEO of DeLuca &  Willow, an integrated coaching and leadership facilitation business.  Melissa leverages her 25 years of technology industry business experience with companies like Google and Cisco where she built and led successful global HR teams and was a Top 10 business sales person.  She designed, planned and executed over 50 large-scale organizational changes with quantified $MM business results. Melissa leverages her certifications in five different cutting edge coaching modalities to help her clients get extraordinary results quickly.