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Why use the United States Postal service for marketing campaigns?

USPS touches every single household and every single business…every single day (except for Sunday.  🙂  Watch the full video below to learn more about the innovative services available from USPS.  Here are just a few to get you started.

Informed Delivery – sign up, get an email with images of the mail that’s coming to your physical mailbox.  Digital, email marketing tied in with your direct mail campaigns.  Creates multiple touch points with your audience.

Every Door Direct Mail – geographically, targetable mail piece.  This doesn’t require personal information or addresses…it’s based on carrier routes.  Every stop on the routes you choose will receive your marketing mail.  Very cost effective option for small businesses. – Get inspired and learn how to make your mail irresistible!  Color schemes, calls to action and advice on the best strategies for successful mail campaigns.


You might think that “snail mail” is no longer effective.  Well…time to stop filling the recycling bin because the USPS has really upped their game by combining physical print mail with smart barcodes, cost effective solutions for small businesses to get their message in front of a TON of potential customers and a service dedicated to helping you create simple irresistible mail campaigns.  Watch below and learn how you can increase your marketing return on investment by partnering with Peppershock and the United States Postal Service.


Cost Effective – Multiple Touch Points

Who Does it Reach?

Everyone, Everyday (Except Sunday)

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