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Marketing Expedition Podcast

Peppershock Media owners Rhea and Drew Allen are bringing their marketing expertise to the microphone. Listen in as they interview specials guests, discuss trending marketing topics and most importantly, teach you how to build your brand and you bottom line. 

Episode 1: Intro To The Peppershock Marketing Expeditions Podcast


Join Peppershock Media owners Rhea and Drew as they bring their business and marketing expertise to the microphone. With this being the inaugural podcast, you can expect to learn the who, what, when, where, why (and maybe even how) of Peppershock Media and what you can look forward to hearing discussed in future podcasts.


Takeaways from today’s podcast:

  • What to expect from podcasts moving forward. 0:15
  • The history of Rhea, Drew, and Peppershock Media. 2:20
  • Why we do what we do. 7:10
  • The “secret sauce” behind running a family business. 11:55
  • What we mean by, “Disrupt. Connect. Inspire” 15:45



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