We have a marketing package for your business that will help you get a jump start. Whether your business is big or small, these packages include something for everyone. Get started and discover how working with Peppershock can save you time and help you meet all of your marketing goals!

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Marketing Audit:

Our Marketing Audit includes a liftoff session with your team to collectively assess your current marketing plan and identify opportunities for improvement. You’ll walk away with a clear idea of what to stop, start & keep doing to enhance your ROI. (For a fully-fleshed out marketing strategy and two year plan, ask us about a complete Marketing Needs Assessment!)

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Marketing Assessment:

The Basic Needs Assessment is a one-year marketing plan complete with market research, a SWOT Analysis , Business and Marketing Goals and Objectives, and a Strategic Marketing Implementation Plan. As the marketing strategies, tools and messaging that we provide are integrated into current activities, you will be positioned for enhanced success in influencing individual behavior, creating event and organizational awareness, and increasing positive brand image.

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Marketing Launch:

This program is designed for a start-up business looking to build their creative brand. Your image and reputation depend on a well constructed messaging system. Get started and discover how Peppershock can tell your story! Trust our expertise to launch your business to success.

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Marketing Jump Start:

You own a small business. You may have some marketing help in-house but it isn’t enough. This six month program is designed for small businesses that have big ideas but need additional resources to keep up.

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Marketing Catapult:

You are a mid-sized business. You have a marketing staff but don’t have the man power to do all that you want. You need more time. The Marketing Catapult Program is a robust and dynamic option for the growing organization that needs to invest more in marketing to catapult to the next level! We become your outsourced marketing department.

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