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20141203_Matthew_0017Strangest thing you have ever eaten:
Chicken heart

Most delightful word you can think of:

Scrumtrulescent (SNL)

Advice you got that was the most rewarding:

The law of attraction is the secret to life. Whatever you imagine becomes reality.

Favorite movie quote:

“We got no food, we got no job, our pets’ heads are falling off!” –Dumb and Dumber

Most interesting thing you have in your purse/wallet:

Doesn’t have a wallet, just a phone case that holds cards

Matthew is a marketing intern here at Peppershock Media who is also an aspiring junior at BSU going to school for Communication and Marketing. He is most interested in creative idea development, writing scripts, and video production. Matthew has changed his major three times, but he is now on track for his area of interest. He started school as an engineer, because math was always a strong point of his. Moving pieces in his life inspired him to reflect both the left brain and the right brain finding his way to the world of commercial advertising. Some of his hobbies are basketball, video games, and hanging out with friends and family when he can get the chance between his busy work, school, and intern schedule. Matthew is very excited to bring a fresh perspective of creativity to this hybrid marketing agency. He is a dedicated hard-working intern that will make success wherever he goes in life.