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Melissa Wallace | Exec Admin-Marketing Outreach

Melissa Wallace, Peppershock Media, Head shot

Melissa delivers creative and engaging solutions to her everyday activities. She is continually looking for ways to improve processes, organize, and maintain a happy, productive work environment. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her previous roles in facilitation, event management, and program management at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In her spare time she is a student, cook, archer, fast car enthusiast, and avid Netflix watcher.

What would be your superpower? 
Mind Control

What’s your favorite movie quote?
“I’ll have what she is having.” – When Harry Met Sally

Who is your biggest inspiration? 
My husband and my two children inspire me to be better everyday. My husband encourages, supports, and challenges me to be the woman he sees in me. My daughter pushes me to be the woman I want her to become. My son inspires me to be the woman I want him to marry.

What is your biggest fear? 
Not surviving the zombie apocalypse. Which walking dead character am I… well Carol, of course! She makes the hard choices and gets things done. It isn’t always pretty but what in life is? I will have no issues with doing what needs to be done for my tribe to survive. #Carolistherealleader

Where is your favorite place to visit? 
When I dream of a perfect destination I think of a beautiful ocean beach with crystal blue, clear water, and a long sandy beach. One of my favorite destinations so far has been Crashboat Beach, Puerto Rico.