PSA’s encourage residents of Idaho to support the state by buying products produced in Idaho. 

We love Idaho and all it has to offer. So when Buy Idaho asked us to produce a new 30-second PSA for them we were thrilled.


We had three main goals for this PSA. First, we wanted to get people excited about all the wonderful products and services Idaho has to offer. Second, we wanted to make people aware that buying Idaho was more than just buying food or products but also services, like lawn care.  Finally, we wanted the audience to know that spending money on local products and services helps Idaho’s economy. We achieved all this through a compelling story line, tracked in motion graphics and narration.

The key element to making this work was the motion graphics. They played a vital role by visually showing that if you spend money with Idaho businesses the money stays in Idaho and eventually, some of it comes back to you. Check out the PSA and let us know what you think and don’t forget Buy Idaho, Builds Idaho!