Eyecare Associates of Nampa gets a logo as modish and superb as their services and frames.

Brand Development Story

At Eyecare Associates, customers experience the highest quality service in a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere. To represent this service and personality, the logo is comprised of simple shapes that come together to form both a flower and an iris. The flower is representative of the boutique experience and the iris communicates eye care. The serif typeface reminds us of an eye-chart — connecting the viewer back to the significance of eye care health.

Gold and gray were carried over from the previous branding, and purple was added for it’s floral, chic aesthetic. Eyecare Associates is a Vision Source provider, and as such chose to include the Vision Source logo, a script “VS.”

Below are examples of both the vertical and horizontal applications of the logo. The two layouts offer more design flexibility for future branding efforts.

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