A spiraling brand identity communicates a smooth operation and the growth members can be assured of experiencing.

Givent is the place where givers gather. It fosters the trust between its members that is necessary for growth and prosperity. Founder Jon Bailey has all the expertise and experience for his new startup, and he required a brand that reflected professionalism and all the foundational traits of the carefully constructed network.

Let your handshake be a greater bond than any written contract. — Steve Maraboli


The mark of the logo is built from two upper case “Gs,” interlocking much like a handshake. The tradition of the handshake is a personal and respectful, centuries-old ritual.

Central to the importance of a handshake is reciprocity on equal terms. Hence the symmetry and yin and yang appearance of the mark. The blue and orange colors also represent balance as they are scientific opposites on the color wheel. This color relationship is termed “complementary” — a perfect word to describe the relationships between Givent members.


The symmetry of the mark lends itself to the illusion of motion. The tapered shapes give the effect of constant spiraling motion. This effect speaks to the continuous giving at Givent and to how smoothly and efficiently Givent is run. Meetings are scheduled in such a way to support equality and maintain an effective schedule.

Give, share, grow, and prosper with Givent, Executive Network.