Two animated videos for Oracle.

Oracle CRO Advantage: Collaborate to Innovate

Graphic animation Peppershock produced for Oracle Health Sciences to help highlight their CRO Advantage Program.  One of many sales and marketing tools Peppershock has produced in partnership with Oracle.  Other materials include branding, graphic design, and animated sales decks.  Materials have been used as visual guides in explaining the benefits of partnering with Oracle Health Sciences. Peppershock is an Oracle preferred vendor.

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An overview of eClinical Solutions

Peppershock was tasked with creating an overview video for the Health Sciences division of Oracle (a Fortune 100 company) to be used as an internal tool targeted at the eClinical Sales team.  The video explains how eClinical Solutions is a strategy for transforming clinical research and discovery from pipeline to patient.

Oracle successfully distributed the video to their sales team and continues to use this video at trade shows and conferences.

The imagery used communicates the idea of transforming clinical research and discovery from pipeline to patient.  It was designed to simplify a complex concept. A small rectangular shape appears throughout the video and is representative of the pieces of information that are exchanged or “data” within this “eClinical Solutions” product. The shape is transformed throughout the video, just as data is exchanged and transformed through the clinical research and discovery process. Peppershock paid strict adherence to the Oracle Brand Standards when creating the overall color scheme, type choices and graphic style for the video.

The information in this video was designed to be digested quickly. The amount of content on the screen was restricted to short sentences and the pacing was designed to be energetic and engaging while still allowing the viewer to comprehend the whole story.