Daily social media posts with tailored imagery build a reputation for United Heritage and Sublimity Insurance Company.

Creating content, managing engagement, and creating custom graphics for United Heritage and Sublimity’s social media accounts are all ways that we build their brand and reputation. When the occasion calls for it, we capture footage and photos at sponsored events to show engagement and support in the community.

We always keep an open dialogue and are ready to post and engage in real time. Visit the United Heritage Facebook page


The average daily social media post combines a descriptive photo and useful content. Part of United Heritage’s brand is to help their clients take preventative measures for health and safety.


Take the time soon to inspect your vehicle for any issues. The cold weather can deflate your tires and thicken your motor oil. Breaking down in the winter is not something you want to happen! #DreamBig #PlanSmart #WinterSafety #VehicleSafety


Keep the family exercising this winter with these fun activities you can do indoors: https://mommypoppins.com/…/25-exercise-games-indoor-activit… #DreamBig #PlanSmart #WinterExercising #FamilyFitness


We’re always looking for ways to gain more exposure for our clients. For United Heritage, at the beginning of each month, we post an opportunity to win a $20 gift card to a local store. It’s easy to enter into the drawing, and these posts have been hugely popular, garnering more engagement, likes and shares each month. Boosting the posts makes even more impressions.


Custom Graphics

Sometimes a photo can’t describe an idea quite as well as you’d like. This is where custom graphics come in. We tailor artwork for posts, whether it be a helpful diagram, important tip, or just a fun idea. 


Be sure to keep your pet’s health a priority. Some easy ways to extend the lives of our animal friends include feeding them a high quality diet, keeping their mouths clean, and scheduling regular checkups with a veterinarian. #DogsandCats #PetHealth#PlanSmart #StaySafe


When mudslides occur, it’s important to know how to best recover! For a list of the best practices before, during and after a mudslide, visit http://www.redcross.org/get-help/how-to-prepare-for-emergencies/types-of-emergencies/landslide#During #DreamBig #PlanSmart #HomeSafety#MudslideSafety


This week’s fire update!


It’s smart to change your home air filter once every 90 days. Have you changed yours recently?#HealthyHome #DreamBig #PlanSmart


With the increased number of shipments around the holidays, the United States Postal Service has set deadlines for packages in order to be delivered by December 24th. #DreamBig #PlanSmart#SpecialDelivery


Always be aware of the air quality in your area. When the Air Quality Index (AQI) reaches numbers of 150 or above, it’s important to limit your outdoor exposure. Your area’s AQI can be found here: https://www.airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=aqibasics.aqi#unh

Inspirational Posts

Everybody can use a little inspiration every now and then. That’s why a couple of posts each month are dedicated to positive quotes. 


Custom Graphics — Animation

GIFs are custom graphics with the added element of motion to grab your attention. These posts also have the ability to give immediate visual instruction.

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Hey folks, it’s #DIYfriday and this week we’re giving away one $20 gift card to Lowe’s to help you upgrade some of your home’s light bulbs to energy efficient ones! Did you know the average energy efficient bulb uses 25-80% less energy? To enter for a chance to win, please like this post, and comment “Entered”! Winner will be announced next Friday.  #PlanSmart

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Is your keyboard looking like it could use a little TLC? In the future, before you throw away any sticky notes, run the sticky end in between the keys to clean out any dust and crumbs. Your keyboard will thank you. #LifeHack

United Heritage Graphics

Do you know how to shut off your gas meter? Here are the steps! #DIYfriday

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Try this fun workout at your next Christmas movie night! Need some Christmas movie ideas? Here are the top 20 movies according to AMC! Which is your favorite? #ChristmasWorkout