is an established non-profit that works with passionate, committed upstarts to change the world. They were in need of a new visual identity to appeal to the millennial generation while still demonstrating experience. They came to Peppershock Media and a superhero was born.

Their brand is now a timeless adventure, complete with obstacles, character development, morals, and heroes. In it, the entrepreneurs are the dedicated heroes, the benevolent academy, mentors and investors the trusted advisors. And while they boost the levels of fun, they simultaneously hold the bar high.

The life of a superhero is perpetually exciting, and requires you to be on top of your game. At the same time, however, in accordance with Venture Capital’s ideology, it is not a competition. Heroes and entrepreneurs alike must collaborate to achieve maximum results. They do not do it for the money or for the win. They are cause-driven and fulfilling their cause is their reward.’s stress on innovation and creativity is shown graphically in their new logo through bold colors, strokes, and shapes. High contrast between warm colors and black/dark gray encapsulate’s forward-looking, impassioned mindset. By imitating superhero imagery in a clean, modern style, the brand appeals to both millennials and the preceding generation.

By imitating superhero imagery, the brand will appeal to it’s entire primary target audience. The popularity of superheroes among the millennial generation is huge. Perhaps even more importantly, superheroes have stood the test of time. They appeal to all current generations and, with such basic positive underlying ideology, they will remain an icon for ethical hard work and success for years to come.

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